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Set up for Email using BlackBerry Enterprise Server. 1. Use this option if both of the following situations apply: You want to receive email from your corporate Microsoft® Outlook® or IBM® Lotus® Notes® email account. xda iii, device software, microsoft outlook, desktop software, enterprise server, mail, short description, blackberry, microsoft, email,

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…You also need to have upgraded your XDA IIi/IIs device software to have the BlackBerry ConnectT application installed on it and started the BlackBerry software. To start the BlackBerry software on your device, select Start, Settings, System, BlackBerry. You will then be presented with the legal terms and conditions, followed by a PIM synchronisation option.
If you would like to use wireless calendar please tick the box and ok on the warning screen to confirm your calendar will now be wirelessly enabled and not through ActiveSync, then click Next and follow the instructions below on “Set up the desktop software”. If you want to continue using ActiveSync for your calendar do not put a tick in the box and press Next.