OneTouch 4

File Version: / OneTouch4-Lite.exe

File Size for Windows.EXE: 95 MB

File Size for Mac.ZIP: 209 MB

The following procedure provides the steps necessary to return the Maxtor Manager software to your OneTouch 4 Lite drive in the event that the original software becomes lost or corrupted.

Note: The procedure will return the Maxtor Manager software to its original, default state on your OneTouch 4 Lite drive. Refer to Maxtor OneTouch 4 Lite Users Guide (located in this software or available from Seagate’s Website) for installation procedures. Before proceeding, it is recommended that you backup any/all critical data before continuing.

Procedure – Windows:


Download the OneTouch4-Lite.exe file to your Windows Desktop.

Copy this file to the external drive for future use.

To install the software double click the OneTouch4-lite.exe file then follow the on screen instructions to complete the installation.

Procedure – Macintosh:

Note: Prior to installing this update, make sure that your External Drive is properly disconnected/shut down.


Download the file to your Mac Desktop.

Double-click on the file. A OneTouch4-Lite folder will appear on your Desktop.

Open the OneTouch4-Lite Folder and launch Mac Installer.dmg

Note: Prior to continuing, it is recommended that you review installation procedures found in the /guides/Manual folder. Simply open this folder structure, double-click on the language folder of your choice (e.g., English) and open the OneTouch_Mac.pdf file

Follow the on-screen prompts to install/update the software.…ouch4-Lite.exe…
user guide…te_Windows.pdf
Instalasi guide ((Flash)…T_IV_Menu.html