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CAMBRIDGE, England, 16 August 2004 – Red Gate Software is offering free downloads of the book, Best of, Vol.1. The 354-page compilation includes the 67 technical articles considered by DBAs and developers to be the best of thousands on the website. Best of, Vol. 1 sold out its first printing at $30 per copy. Red Gate is making it available for free to the SQL Server community on their website: Download Best of, Vol. 1. You might want to drop by at too.

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In “The Shortcut Guide to SQL Server Infrastructure Optimization,” the new eBook from Realtime Publishers, leading IT author Don Jones explores the management burdens and hidden costs of sub-optimal data center infrastructures and lays out the paths that IT organizations can follow to find dramatic system-wide improvements in management, performance and security locked within their existing infrastructure.
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200 Decent Interview questions on Database Concepts , SQL , .NET Integration , ADO.NET , Notification Services , Service Broker , XML Integration , Data Warehousing/Data Mining , Integration Services/DTS , Replication , Reporting Services , Database Optimization , Transaction and Locks

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It’s 2:00 A.M. on a Monday morning, and your cell phone rings. The water fountain on the floor directly over your server room has malfunctioned, and your organization’s servers and routers are standing in water, as are most of your employees’ workstations. The office opens at 8:00 A.M. What do you do in the meantime? This ebook offers solutions for Windows, SQL, and Exchange servers.
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Lots of SQLServer related documents, researches, ebooks, etc.
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