Cisco Design Combo Pack + 38 Videos (2010)

Cisco Design Combo Pack Contains training for exams 640 861 & 642 871 | ISO | 380 MB

Contains training for exams 640 861 (DESGN) & 642 871 (ARCH)

Includes 38 Videos

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Trainer: Michael J. Shannon (Trainer Comments)
Running Time: 19 Hours

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Designing Cisco networks requires knowledge and understanding of many components and technologies. This training maps to the concepts, topics and exam objectives of Cisco exams 640 861 (DESGN) and 642 871 (ARCH).

Michael Shannon covers Cisco design to explain the “Why” behind the “How” of a network. He not only prepares you for the exams but gives you dozens of real world examples so you can immediately use the knowledge on the job.

A thorough understanding of Cisco networking such as a CCNA certification, or equivalent knowledge is recommended before viewing these videos. The training contains 38 videos providing more than 19 hours of instruction.


CCDA DESGN Exam Pack: 640 861
Network Design Principles (Part 1): Policies, Procedures, and the PDIOO Method
Network Design Principles (Part 2): Recognizing Customer Needs
Network Design Principles (Part 3): 8 Step Design Methodology
Modular Network Solutions (Part 1): The Cisco Enterprise Network Model
Modular Network Solutions (Part 2): Modular Network Solutions and Intelligent Services
Basic Switching Design Methods (Part 1): Layer 1 through Layer 3 Technologies
Basic Switching Design Methods (Part 2): Enterprise Campus Switching Design Methods
Choosing Your Routing Protocol (Part 1): RIPv2, IGRP, and EIGRP Comparisons
Choosing Your Routing Protocol (Part 2): OSPF, IS IS, and BGP4 Comparisons
Basic WAN Design (Part 1): Enterprise Edge WAN Design, Planning and Technologies
Basic WAN Design (Part 2): WAN, VPN, and Internet Backup Solutions
IP Address Design Techniques
Designing Voice Networks
Assessing Network Security
Designing Network Management

ARCH Exam Pack: 642 871
Cisco AVVID Framework Essentials
Enterprise Composite Network Model Essentials
Methodologies for Enterprise Network Design
Campus Infrastructure Design (Part 1)
Campus Infrastructure Design (Part 2)
Server Farm Modular Design
Enterprise Edge Connectivity Design
WAN Module Design
Remote Access Module Design
VPN Design (Part 1) VPN Design Overview
VPN Design (Part 2) Site to Site VPN Design
VPN Design (Part 3) Remote Access VPN Design
Internet Connectivity Module Design
Assessing Network Security using SAFE
Network Management in the Enterprise
Designing High Availability Networks
Quality of Service Solutions
IP Multicast Design
Designing Wireless Solutions
IP Telephony Solutions
Content Networking Design Essentials
Cisco Storage Networking Solutions

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